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Parkway Wesleyan - Bible Bowl Team Quizzing
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Quizzers in Action

Parkway students lead praise & worship @ Blue Ridge Tournament 1/15/05

Pictures from past events:

At Nazerene Quiz in Fredericksburg
We're such a LOVELY group!

Coach (?) Andrea Stillwell from EastGate Nazerene
YUMMY! PIZZA! Just what our team LOVES!

Brooke Works Snacks At Nazerene Quiz

July Fellowship - Tie-dying for FUN

Enjoying Small Group Activities
Rebecca (Friend), Paul, Rachel, Crissy & Brooke


Below are a few pics from the local Quiz held here in Vinton for Life Tabernacle.
The microphone holder in the red is Brooke Hubert from Parkway.  Rachel Reed also attended with me and we especially enjoyed the Junior Quizzing that day!

South Hill, VA vs Vinton, VA Junior Quizzers

OH MAN! Did I buzz on that?!

Quizzing is COOL!

See Quizzers around the Globe!  Here are a few of their sites:

Chi Alpha Wesleyan Bible Bowl

World Bible Quiz Association

The Bible Quizzing Experience

Many of you parents have digital cameras these days. If you have some photos that you would like to have on the site, please e-mail them to me.  If you have snapshots you would like to share,  please get them to me or Pastor Matthew and I will scan them and use them, too!