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Parkway Wesleyan - Bible Bowl Team Quizzing
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Director "History"

In the beginning....
Myrtle receives flowers from the team
This is Myrtle . . . MY Coach!  At 13, I was encouraged to join the team about two months after they had started.  I LOVED it and it solidified a friendship with one of God's most precious women, my Coach, Myrtle. 
I still consider Myrtle my very best friend.  She has been an inspiration, as well as a true leader for Christ!  As a teen I watched Coach keep her eyes and mind on Christ even if  her heart was breaking.  Her example has helped me many times in my life to remember God is Greater than ANY problem I have and HE will OVERCOME and I get to share the victory!
I love Quizzing.  As a teen I was a captain of our team affiliated with adenomination, not Wesleyan.   We attended league quizzes with East Coast Bible Quiz League and scrimmages with two other local churches in two other denominations!  In 1976 our team was blessed to go to our National Competition in Philadelphia Mississipi.  We came in second. 
As an older teen I was fortunate to be able to be assistant coach and then coach to our Junior Quiz team.   I tried to heed the encouragement and lessons I learned from Myrtle and I will ask myself now, "How would Myrtle have handled this?"
My goal is to help Parkway young people and others in Roanoke Valley to enjoy God's best for them by getting God's word in their life early.  I hope to form a Roanoke Valley Bible Quiz League to promote interdenominational quizzing in locally and in surrounding areas.
East Coast Bible Quiz Tourney - Richlands, VA
East Coast Bible Quiz Tournament Top Quizzers--That's me 2nd from the right, I was no. 9

I am looking forward to encouraging young people in our church to GET IN THE WORD AND GET THE WORD IN THEM.  There are NO losers in Quizzing, whether it is Wesleyan Bible Bowl or any other denomination's Quizzing program!  Getting God's word in your mind makes it easier to get it in your heart and ultimately in your LIFE!


Article about our Team going to Nationals

You make Life Long Friends in Quizzing, like these! (Freda, Myra & Sue)

Here we are in Nov 2004!  Twilla, my main competition and Myrtle our coach!

Twilla, Freda, Myrtle 11-04